Teachers in Industry Program Sparks Student Blogging

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September 27, 2018
Last month the Chamber hosted a special Business Before Breakfast focusing on education in DeKalb County. One program highlighted was Teachers In Industry where teachers are able to bring what they've learned from industry to the classroom equipping students with applicable skills for life after high school.
On example of this is an English teacher who was able to pull from her experiences during a summer internship to create a blogging class. This class gave students the skills to blog as a profession or part time opportunity to make money while in high school or college or to supplement income at any time. We've included links to the students blogs so you can see what the students learned and the impact this teacher's experience has had.

Click to view list of student blogs. (When the document opens, click on a logo to view a blog.)
Brie Sprunger, Ice/Internship Coordinator
(260) 357-3185